Home Buyers

It is home buyers who most inspections are performed for.  With a home inspection, buyers can renegotiate for repairs and or price.  Buyers also learn if there are any issues that may hinder financing or be too big a problem to tackle.  A home inspections is the most valuable tool you have when buying a home.

  Accurate Home Inspections

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Home Sellers
Sellers often want to have a pre-market inspection to make sure they have taken care of all major issues that might have been hidden or have just gone unnoticed by people living in a home for many years. Many sellers do not have a pre-market inspection and that is ok too.  Just know that every home has some areas of concern that are identified during an inspection; many are small and easy to address but sometimes more costly issues are discovered.
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At 1st Choice Home Inspections we know that inspections are important for both buyers and sellers.  That is why I provide quality accurate home inspections for both. 

BUYERS should always have the home they are purchasing inspected by a licensed home inspector.  No home, old or new, is completely without flaws. Some issues are major and some are minor but why wait six months to a year to find out!  Contractors are great but they are not trained to see a home the way I do.  I was a contractor and since I completed my training as an inspector I look at homes in a whole new way!  I look at every inch of the home and what I find will not only help you make an educated choice about your new home but may also benefit you during negotiations.  Without an inspection you might move in and find out the plumbing under the house has been leaking for years or your furnace is not functioning or there is mold in the attic!  The cost of an inspection is minor in comparison to cost of repairs.

SELLERS may choose to have a pre-market inspection before they put their home on the market in order to avoid potential surprises. You may find that having a pre-market inspection will provide you with peace of mind  and make the selling process much less stressful.  Pre-market home inspections are exactly like a buyers inspection, you will receive the same thorough and reliable service that I would provide any buyer.  And, if you need to update a few things prior to placing your home on the market 1st Choice Home Inspections will be happy to refer you to capable contractors who can help you with repairs!  Why wait for a buyer to request a home inspection when you can be the one with the advantage during sale negotiations!

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A Realtor's time is valuable, I may take longer than some inspectors, but I am making sure that I complete a thorough and accurate inspection of the home your client is buying or selling. I also take extra time to ensure that your client feels comfortable that all their concerns and questions are addressed. Know that I will always go above and beyond for your client.
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